What people say about their visit to Shekinah

'The enviroment was so relaxing and peaceful just what I neeeded. Thank you.' (January 2018)


'A lovely setting for the course; lovely food' (December 2017)


'Such a wonderful sense of God's preseence here. I have been fed spiritually and physically' (August 2017)


'God's presence is surley HERE! What a blessed week I've had' (July 2017)


'Peaceful place that glorifies God amidst beautiful scenery. A lovely place to "recharge the batteries". Warm and friendly Christian hosts and good home-cooked food. I have so far enjoyed my first visit and hopefully will one-day return here again. Worth driving 200 miles for the experience of being here.' (June 2017)


'Thank you so much for looking after us so well' (May 2017)


'All things done well in Jesus' (April 2017)


'Just what I needed- peace and quiet in fantastic surrounding/ great hospitality' (March 2017)


'Thankyou for walking the steep and rugged pathway with me. Blessed by your hospitality, Prayer and support. The Lord is here' (January 2017)


'A restful and inspiring place; thankyou so much for the stay' (November2016)


'So peaceful and God inspired' (October 2016)


'It is a very peaceful place. Amazing hospitality' (July 2016)


'Wonderful people showing God's love' (June 2016) 


'Praise God for this place and these people' (May 2016)


'A piece of heaven, indescribable!' (April 2016)


'Wonderfully looked after' (Feb. 2016)


'Fantastic time' (Dec. 2015)


'I hope to return to this wonderful sanctuary' (Aug. 2014)


' Avery peaceful place, wonderful food. Gods present' (July 2014)


'Such a wonderful place-we love it here! See you again next year' (June 2014)


'Excellent facilities. Lovely meal.' (May 2014)


Thank you for your wonderful hospitality '   ( Sept 2013)


' A very peaceful place and wonderful food. God's present' (July 2013)


' The Lord is here, strong and present'   (February 2013)


' Beautiful, inspiring, peaceful place. Gluten free lunch excellent too! Thank you'    (Jan 2013)


'Thank you all so much for a lovely day. We all had a lovely, relaxing time. We really appreciate the peace and tranquillity there, even with the wind, and especially the lovely food. 
The participants were full of praise on their evaluation forms.'  (Jan.2012)


'Thank you, once again, for an amazing weekend. Several people have asked us weather God 'showed up' to which we replied 'no, He was there already, it was we who showed up'. And that was it really: He invited us to come and fellowship with Him at the foot of the mountain (Ex.19:6-8) and then invited us to come up the mountain with Him.'     ( Sept. 2011)


' Wonderfully blessed and joyful place' ( Nov. 2011)


'Thank you very much for a lovely day - excellent food and surroundings'   (Nov. 2011)


' Brilliant. Best day out for....I cannot remember how long.' (Nov.2011)


' Wonderful feeling of Love and Peace'  (Aug. 2011)


' A beautiful place filled with wonderful generous people. A real treasure. x ( April 2011)


'Beautiful place. Wonderful atmosphere'  (March 2011)


'What a gem of a centre with wonderful cooks and waitresses'  ( Oct.2010)


'A place where the Glory Falls. Amazing !! Beautiful !!'  (Oct.2010)


"Thank you for sharing your story - inspiring! For providing a lovely meal - super! For the environment of God's love - glorious! With our love."

“The majesty of the hills. The peace of quiet prayer. The Glory
of God—may you be blessed.”

“A lovely, peaceful opportunity to reflect on our church life.”

“A wonderful day experiencing the presence of the Lord in this 
place. God bless you.”

“A beautiful place to meet with God.”

“Thank you for a perfect place to experience God’s blessings. "

"Fantastic food! Thanks.”


" A good place to find God - and wonderful christian hospitality "


" We had a lovely quiet time away from the bustle of everyday life - time with God"


" Peace, joy and love is in this place!"

'Shekinah'- Hebrew meaning the glory of God. God resting in his dwelling place.

Prayer Centre,

Conference Centre,

Retreat Centre,

Christian Holidays.

"My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest"

(Exodus 33:14)

Residential accommodation available To book



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