Here at Shekinah, we are committed to ensuring our visitors have full confidence in us. Particularly, when it comes to collect personal information which we would like to reassure you we will never pass on to any company or business for marketing purposes.

We have written this privacy notice to ensure that you have all the information on when and why we collect your personal information, how we use it and how we keep it secure. 

When booking online we do ask for personal information such as name, address and contact details. These are needed so that we can get in touch with you in case of any issue with your booking or, to send you any information you require. All information will be written down on a booking enquiry or booking form which will then be kept in a locked filing cabinet. This information will be kept until after your visit and once full payment has been received. We will then dispose of the information securely. 

Personal details are also collected when a donation is given in order to claim Gift Aid on the contributions. The Charity Commission requires us to keep all information about donations and the people who make them to comply with the Charities Act 2016. 

If you work as a volunteer with us then we require your personal information to manage the volunteering agreement. 

If you decide to join the mailing list for events hosted here at Shekinah, we collect some personal details. These include your name, email address, home address and phone number. This information is collected to enable us to send any of the relevant information to you. The information is not shared with any other companies or groups.

Any sensitive information you provide us with we will handle in accordance to our Privacy Policy.

When using the Wi-Fi at Shekinah we do not collect or monitor any data. 

You have the right to view, change or delete the personal information that you have provided us with. If you wish to do so please contact Tracey here.

Also, if you feel that we are using your information in an inappropriate way then you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioners Office.