“Peaceful place that glorifies God amidst beautiful scenery. A lovely place to ‘recharge the batteries’. Warm and friendly Christian hosts and good home-cooked food. I have so far enjoyed my first visit and hopefully will one-day return here again. Worth driving 200 miles for the experience of being here”

“Shekinah brings a peace and calm...”

I use Shekinah as a training venue, both residential and non-residential. The beauty and serenity of Shekinah brings a peace and calm that I have never found in any other place; this allows the participants to relax and focus upon the relational and transcendental aspects of the work within the wider community.  

Shekinah's warm and welcoming staff ensure that everything is take care of; the homemade food is always fresh and delicious, the rooms are beautifully cared for and nothing is ever too much trouble, they radiate the Christian values which are rooted in Shekinah's history and development. 

It is rare to discover a place that meets all the senses; I consider myself and the people I work with considerably blessed to be able to spend time in such a special place.

“a space where they can feel nurtured…”

It is sometimes forgotten that people who care for others also need a space where they can feel nurtured and cared for. This then enables them to develop both personally and professionally, Shekinah is the perfect place for this. To support this I would like to add that I have trained over 200 professionals in this venue and all of the evaluations, without exception, have given Shekinah and the Team 'Excellent'.

Lesley Wilson


“The environment was so relaxing and peaceful just what I needed. Thank you”

“A lovely setting for the course; lovely food”


“Thank you for walking the steep and rugged pathway with me. Blessed by your hospitality, Prayer and support. The Lord is here”

“Such a wonderful sense of God's presence here. I have been fed spiritually and physically”


Loved by people Worldwide